Human energy is the key to better workplaces

Happier employees, higher productivity and winning organisations.

Business success comes from the human enenergy created when you have a genuinely healthy workforce and great leadership.

Luemo’s Five Human Energies

Power of
the mind

Get clear, calm and creative.

Vitality in
the body

Eat, sleep and move.

Strength in

Intrinsic motivation of doing something worthwhile.

Force of

Amazing things happen when people feel they belong.


Resilience behaviours lead to better choices.

We are a training, coaching and wellbeing business.

Our focus is on lifting organisations performance and productivity.

We are on a mission to help you get the business outcomes you want, through leveraging the human energy potential you have in your workplace.


Let’s Work Together

Great organisations start with great leadership. Choose a format that suits your needs:

  • Our Leadership Coaching is delivered as one on one bespoke leadership coaching sessions and include detailed personal behavioural assessments. The outcome of these personalised sessions for the participant is greater personal insight, specific skills building and confidence.
  • Our Emerging Leader Program involves small group work sessions to cover essential leadership concepts, followed by individual coaching sessions and personalised behavioural assessments.
  • In person and virtual delivery to suit you

Read about our most popular program and current offer.

Our group sessions will:

  • Upskill your leaders so they lead with connection and confidence.
  • Show your employees how to look after themselves and build resilience.
  • Teach everyone how to have supportive conversations and have better relationships.
  • Help everyone manage stress and beat burnout.

Looking or something more specific? What about Financial wellbeing, team meditation or managing menopause? We do that too!

Read about our most popular workshop and current offer.

Here are some of the things we have in store for you:

  • Pre-made content packages available, containing short ‘tip’ videos and social media style posts for you to utilise on your internal employee communication platform, or,
  • Short, customised videos and social media style posts designed especially for you to align with your internal programs, values and corporate journey.
  • Full online educational center packed with multiple articles, tools and resources for employees and managers. Get a sneak peak of our exclusive online resource centre here.
  • Engaging newsletters to educate, start conversations and inspire action. These can be regularly emailed directly to your employees by us or access them via the member portal.

Through the best technology and online predictive analytics we can quickly and efficiently identify employee interests, behavioural tendencies, strengths, and development potentials. This helps us support you as we utilise the assessments for:

  • Leadership coaching
  • Employee coaching
  • Team building and coaching
  • Recruitment and promotion

Luemo is an accredited Consulting Partner of Harrison Assessments. Read all about this leading international assessment process here.

We can provide professional, empathetic and confidential support to your employees who may be struggling with life’s challenges. We strive to provide a timely and high quality service via our team of registered psychologists.

Do you want to engage your group and discuss a subject that unites us all? Human energy and productivity is a topic that piques interest everywhere Get in touch directly 1300 284198 to discuss some favourite topics or we can work together to design something especially for you.

Talk to us about where you and your business are now and where you want to be. We can help you get there. Let’s talk about productivity, culture, values, leadership and workplace wellbeing.

Read about our Director and philosophy behind high performing organisations.

We have agency opportunities for individuals or businesses that want to access the rich resources that Luemo has developed. We offer

  • Structured educational workshop presentations and supporting material
  • A structured coaching program ready for delivery
  • Website with secure educational portal for your clients to access
  • Status as accredited consulting partner of Harrison Assessments with online assessment management and report generation
  • A unique brand with trademarked resources, unique graphical models, on-brand photos
  • Established social media presence
  • Established CRM with social media manager and email campaign manager

Learn More

Clients and Industry Partners

Browse our Member Resources Portal

Stay Well and Build Resilience

You are the first in charge of building and maintaining your personal version of wellbeing. Get facts not ‘fads’, gather ideas, make some changes and take control of your wellbeing.

For Managers

Practical resources to help managers meet workplace wellbeing responsibilities. Follow the guide to build your own version of wellbeing culture to perfectly suit your organisation, budget and timelines.

Challenges and Events

Get excited about activities and events – whether they be individual or with your team. We have also made a handy list of community events that you might like to add to your wellbeing calendar.

Let’s Check In

How are you today? Take some time to reflect and receive immediate private feedback about your wellbeing. It only takes 5 minutes and might just give you some interesting insights.

Reaching out for help

Practical information to help you access professional assistance when you need it. This section clearly explains how to access help and counselling through private, public and community avenues.

Understanding Mental Health

Interesting articles and facts to help demystify and develop understanding about mental health. Understanding leads to better conversations, empathy building and de-stigmatisation.

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