An EAP Resource Your Workplace Will Love!

At Luemo, we take a fresh approach to Employee Assistance Programs.

Luemo makes it easy for your employees and managers to get involved wherever they are and whenever they are ready. We provide engaging training supported by practical resources, management tool kits, newsletters, social media tips, articles, podcasts and more.


Member Benefits

With Luemo you can:

  • Harness the proven productivity benefits of a healthy and engaged workplace.
  • Grow the confidence and skill of your leaders by providing education to help them manage risk and support the mental health of your employees.
  • Show your employees how to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and how to support one another.
  • Help meet your workplace obligations; create the right workplace conditions, manage commercial risk and reap the rewards of a productive workforce.
  • Choose and grow your own positive wellbeing culture in a way that suits you, your workplace, and your employees.
  • Connect your team and create a shared sense of belonging by providing your employees with a wellbeing focal point.

Get involved now! We will show you how to start building a connected and productive workplace, help you manage business risk and make it easy for you to include everyone. Our training is fun and supported by practical resources, management tool kits, newsletters, social media tips, articles, podcasts and more.

Choose an option that suits you – book team workshops, a leadership forum or simply join our resources portal.


Clients and Industry Partners

Browse our Member Resources Portal

Stay Well and Build Resilience

You are the first in charge of building and maintaining your personal version of wellbeing. Get facts not ‘fads’, gather ideas, make some changes and take control of your wellbeing.

For Managers

Practical resources to help managers meet workplace wellbeing responsibilities. Follow the guide to build your own version of wellbeing culture to perfectly suit your organisation, budget and timelines.

Challenges and Events

Get excited about activities and events – whether they be individual or with your team. We have also made a handy list of community events that you might like to add to your wellbeing calendar.

Let’s Check In

How are you today? Take some time to reflect and receive immediate private feedback about your wellbeing. It only takes 5 minutes and might just give you some interesting insights.

Reaching out for help

Practical information to help you access professional assistance when you need it. This section clearly explains how to access help and counselling through private, public and community avenues.

Understanding Mental Health

Interesting articles and facts to help demystify and develop understanding about mental health. Understanding leads to better conversations, empathy building and de-stigmatisation.

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