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Wellbeing is as old as the human race – but somehow wellbeing has become lost in our modern world and is sometimes confused by trends and commercialisation. At Luemo we want to change this by helping individuals understand and manage their wellbeing, and assist businesses to develop their own ways of incorporating wellbeing into their workplaces.

At Luemo, our mission is to help every business take a positive step toward building a workplace that supports good mental health and wellbeing.

Workplaces can and should be places where we feel welcome, make friends, grow our character and knowledge, expand our worlds, find purpose, and feel a sense of achievement. On average we spend over 13 years of our lives at work! Our workplaces are the perfect place for us to understand our wellbeing, find better ways to build resilience and support one another. 

Smart businesses know that an engaged and thriving workforce is a competitive edge – people do amazing things when they feel they are valued and genuinely belong. We are also seeing that more than ever workplaces are being a called upon to step up and take responsibility for employee wellbeing. Governments, our legal systems, lobbyists, and employees themselves are asking business to take responsibility for workplace effects on employee mental health and wellbeing. Not having an effective focus on workplace wellbeing can prove costly for business in terms of dollars and reputation.

The Luemo philosophy is to help individuals and businesses grown their own version of wellbeing. We know there are managers and leaders out there who want to support the mental health and wellbeing of employees but may be unsure of where to start. Regardless of business type, size or budget, every business can use the resources of Luemo to shape their wellbeing program their own way. Individual wellbeing and the way it is achieved is different for every person. By the same token, each workplace will have its own version of wellbeing that fits comfortably with its culture.

Luemo is an Australian business headquartered in Brisbane.

Our business is based on organisational psychology principals and solid HR practice.

All articles and tools are developed with the intention of being practical in the context of Australian workplaces.

We work with multiple individual and business partners to get our information out into workplaces and are always looking for new ways to engage.

If you would like to become a Luemo partner, please get in touch.


“The world of work is a fascinating place. It’s a place where we grow, make friends, be part of something and feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment. It’s not just about the economics: it’s about the human need for belonging. It’s also a place where we can positively feed our mental health and wellbeing, support others and reach out for help. Every person can and should belong to a wellbeing workplace. That’s why I started Luemo. Come and join me.”

Margaret Aboody, Director Luemo Workplace Wellbeing, Registered Psychologist and GAICD

Margaret Aboody
Margaret Aboody

Margaret Aboody, Director Luemo Workplace Wellbeing, Registered Psychologist and GAICD

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