Yes. Once you do your initial set up you are ready to go.

All you need to do is choose which plan suits you best, make payment and then add in the employees you would like on your subscription. Your employees will automatically receive log in details and welcome email explaining Luemo. If needed, your business subscription is easily managed by you. Usually, the person who originally purchases the subscription is designated as the Administrator. The Administrator will have access to manage which employees are on the business subscription, your payment information and your contact details and any other information you have given Luemo. If you need help at any time we are just a phone call or email away.

Yes. It is easy for you to log in and add new employees or remove employees from your subscription.

When you subscribe you will choose how many employees you would like to accommodate on your subscription, and you can swap them in or out as you need. If you need help doing this just give Luemo a call and we can help you with updates (no charge).

You can email or call Luemo any time for assistance.

We will usually be able to sort out your query right away however, if your call is outside usual business hours we might have to get back to you the next business day. Go to Contact Us to send your enquiry or see our direct contact details.

Thanks for subscribing to the free Newsletter!

If you would like to access the full portal you will need to subscribe via one of our paid business subscriptions. You can sign up within minutes at Subscribe Now.

Yes. You will find our Free Resources on our website.

Free resources include our Newsletter and we also have other articles and toolkits for you to download for free. We change the free resources from time to time.

We are always happy to make an appointment and give you a full demo.

Just go to Contact Us and let us know a convenient time and we will get in touch.

We are constantly updating our information at Luemo and have new articles, toolkits and online courses being developed now.

We stay abreast of current research and trends, and our resources are becoming increasingly interactive and evolve in line and feedback from our clients. If you would like something in particular, please Contact Us.

The resources on Luemo have been written and edited by registered psychologists, conflict specialists, academic researchers and legal practitioners in Australia.

We care about providing quality information and always ensure it is current, correct and of professional standard.

Yes. If you have a company intranet you can potentially have a convenient link from your secure site through to the Luemo portal to make access easier.

Large organisations with an employee intranet or franchisors and membership organisations may find this particularly convenient. If you are providing Luemo to a membership group or a group of franchisees, a unique secure link via your website is probably the best way to go. Contact Us to talk about how this can be achieved and a customised quote.

Yes. There is a wonderful opportunity for you to send a very clear message to your employees or members that you care about their wellbeing by co branding with Luemo.

There are many options available, so Contact Us directly to discuss your thoughts and obtain a customised quote.

Yes. If you already have some well-developed policies, practices or guidelines for your employees or members, you might like to include these on your customised Luemo portal so that all of your information is conveniently located in the one spot.

The platform is powerful and stable with the ability to accommodate various resources. Contact Us directly to discuss your thoughts and obtain a customised quote.