Thank you for completing the DASS 21 Questionnaire.

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depression Scale

  • Normal 0-4Your score: /21
  • Mild 5-6Your score: /21
  • Moderate 7-10Your score: /21
  • Severe 11-13Your score: /21
  • Extremely Severe 14+Your score: /21

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anxiety Scale

  • Normal 0-3Your score: /21
  • Mild 4-5Your score: /21
  • Moderate 6-7Your score: /21
  • Severe 8-9Your score: /21
  • Extremely Severe 10+Your score: /21

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stress Scale

  • Normal 0-7Your score: /21
  • Mild 8-9Your score: /21
  • Moderate 10-12Your score: /21
  • Severe 13-16Your score: /21
  • Extremely Severe 17+Your score: /21

Your results reflect a normal level of response to life’s challenges.

The results mean that you are coping with life and even though some challenging events may have occurred, your resilience level has enabled you to respond and move on. It is important at this time to proactively review your wellbeing routines to maintain your resilience so that you are able to continue to cope in a positive way.  

Staying Well

Your results indicate that you may have recently experienced some difficult times and you may be finding it challenging to cope.

It is advisable that you reach out for help and spend time focussing on your mental health and wellness routines in order to work through current challenges, rebalance your wellbeing and build resilience.

Staying Well

Reaching Out for Help

Your results indicate that you have recently found it very difficult to cope with the stressors in your life.

It is highly recommended that you reach out for help and focus on your wellbeing self care strategies. Taking proactive action now for your mental health and wellness will help you work through current challenges, and help in rebuilding your wellbeing and getting your life back on track.

Staying Well

Reaching Out for Help

This self report survey and result is a guide only and not a diagnosis.

Your result is not recorded or stored in any system. If you are seeking professional advice you can contact your GP, Psychologist or Counsellor.