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Book a Workshop or Forum now to boost productivity and start managing mental health in your workplace. Keep the message alive when you receive complimentary 12 month access to our exclusive Member Portal.
Here are our most popular options available right now.

Resilience Now Workshop
From $1299 Per Team + GST

Resilient teams show up with productive energy! This is a great team workshop for everyone to learn about personal wellbeing, building resilience and working through change.

Discussion topics include:

  • What is resilience?
  • What is stress?
  • The Luemo 5 Element Resilience Model
  • Personal resilience building follow-up activity
  • Multiple practical personal growth resources supplied via the exclusive Member Portal.

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Wellbeing Leadership Forum
From $1995 Per Team + GST

Manage your business risk and harness productivity by building the confidence and skills of your leaders and managers. On completion of this 3-4 hour mental health leadership forum your managers will understand their role and how to make a difference.

Discussion topics include:

  • Why is wellbeing a workplace issue?
  • Legal rights, responsibilities and compliance
  • Common workplace mental health issues
  • Productivity, engagement, creativity, innovation
  • Leading with proactive compassion
  • How to provide support to employees – Luemo’s Easy 3 Step Model
  • Next steps to make a difference
  • Follow up management resources include:
  • “How to” Guide to building and leading a wellbeing workplace
  • “Supporting your team in difficult times” advice
  • Detailed article on legal rights and responsibilities
  • Domestic Violence – Workplace Response Tool Kit
  • Management Response to Critical Incidents
  • Leadership tips and advice

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Looking for more…?

We provide training and advice in various specialist areas related to building good mental health and wellbeing in workplaces.

Talk to us about:

  • Building Workplace Productivity
  • Getting Real with Workplace Policy and Practices
  • Understanding and Managing Stress
  • Constructive Conflict
  • Mind Management
  • Financial Wellbeing
  • Working and Thriving at Home
  • …And other helpful topics

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